We got a grant!

Hallelujah! We just found out this morning that Lifetime Christian Adoption Agency, who we’ll be working with for our adoption, has awarded us a $2500 grant to help offset the cost of the adoption. We’ve been praying for this since we heard that there were funds available, and I’m so happy about it. Adoption can cost A LOT. Like the cost of a small new car. And with our student loans, a mortgage, emergency vet visits (stop eating things that are bad for you, doggie!) and sudden house repairs eating up our savings, sometimes it has felt a little hopeless seeing how much we still need to raise.

While the grant will only take a little chunk out of the cost, every little bit helps tremendously! We’re also doing everything we can in the meantime to raise more funds. We’ve held a garage sale, made crafts to sell, and set up tv taping fundraisers. We hope to come up with some more ideas, too. I’m looking forward to documenting things along the way, so that I can one day show our son or daughter all the different things we did to welcome them into our family and how much we wanted them. 🙂

The next step is officially beginning the homestudy, where a social worker will interview us and collect paperwork to make sure we and our house is ready for an infant. That can take anywhere from a month to 6 months, depending on processing time. Then we will be working on creating a profile/scrapbook full of pictures of us and descriptions about our lives to send to expectant mothers who are considering an adoption plan. I’ve been trying to be aware and remember to take pictures often, because as I’ve discovered lately, I don’t have many pictures where we’re NOT wearing some sort of costume, haha! I certainly hope our child’s birthmother likes theater…. 🙂

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