Sigh. Got some difficult news today. The loan we’d been counting on getting to be able to cover the up front adoption costs got denied. We were really surprised, because we have excellent credit and have even been approved to lower our student loan payments recently, but those student loans skew our debt to income ratio too much to qualify for the amount we need. Banks are being a lot tougher on the requirements lately. They suggested trying for a home equity loan, but that’s not an option because we just bought our house this year, so no equity yet. This basically changes everything…it puts our plans on hold for probably at least another year or two, which is hard to accept. I was so excited to begin moving forward! It also means the grant we were awarded will be given to someone else. 😦

Definitely need some prayers right now. We’re still going to do our best to continue fundraising and saving up, it will just take us a lot longer to reach our goal…I just don’t know how anyone is able to afford adoption on their own! It’s so incredibly frustrating that it costs so darn much to adopt a child! Very sad…but trying not to lose hope. We just have to make a new plan, and try to be patient.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog today, I enjoyed reading your blog and I wish you much luck in your journey!

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