Homestudy First Visit

We had our first homestudy visit last night, which means we’ve officially started the process, yay! It went much better than I thought, and Cady was on her best behavior. I took her for a long walk beforehand to tire her out, and as a result, she slept through most of it and barely barked at the social worker. It also helped that she said she had done dog shows for 15 years, haha, so Cady just sniffed her hand calmly and wagged her tail. Phew! (For those of you who have never met Cady, she wasn’t socialized well as a puppy and tends to growl and sometimes bite strangers when she’s nervous)

I was prepared to sign a lot of documents and answer some pretty personal questions, but WOW, I had no idea the homestudy was THIS in-depth! There are even questions down to obscure details like my brother in law’s birth date, how many museums are within driving distance of our house, and what would we do if our son or daughter was not asked out on dates often in high school. I kid you not, that is actually on the form. (Should I answer “Great! Then Josh won’t need to use the chainsaw!” haha)

It struck me last night that you’ve really got to have a thick skin to be able to do adoption or fostering, because you feel really judged every step of the way…it’s true! Even though it all is in the best interest of the child, I don’t know any other experience where your life is scrutinized to this amount, and where you pay for that lovely experience, haha. I’m not meaning to complain too much; I understand the necessity to make sure that we’re not drunken axe murderers. That makes sense. I’m just floored by how crazy it is that parents who give birth are not required to do background checks or attend parenting classes before getting pregnant! It’s a crazy world.

Anyway, that’ll probably take me at least a week or two to type up all the answers, gather important docs, get fingerprinted, and buy necessary things for the house like a fire extinguisher and first aid kit. On the agency side of things (Lifetime is technically not an agency, they’re a “facilitation center,” but for the sake of simplicity I’ll just call it an agency), there’s a whole other set of papers and forms and references. But I’m a lot more excited about that part, because I get to start making our profile. It’s a scrapbook full of photos all about our lives, telling potential birthmoms why they should choose us. And it’s right up my alley, as far as designing goes…I get to show some personality and use my creative skills. Yay! We also get to make a video, so I’m trying to think of some good ideas for that. It’s kind of hard to sum up your life in two minutes!

I’ll keep you all updated as we move along. Thanks for your continued prayers and support!

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