Update…Waiting for “the call!”

It’s been a while since I updated, but the good news is, we’ve gone “live!” That means our profile book is done and sent out, our website is complete, and we’ve even recorded a video and audio message for potential birthmoms to look at. Now comes the hard part…waiting. The past couple of months have been full of checklists of things to do for the adoption; lots of paperwork and appointments and classes, so now just sitting here with nothing to do but wait for that call is going to be odd. It pretty much comes down to the moment when a birthmom sees our profile and decides she likes us, which could be tomorrow or could be two years from now. There’s no way to know! Please be praying for her; she’s somewhere out there in the world, possibly struggling with a tough decision right now.

In the meantime, we’ve been trying to keep busy and learn a little more about baby care. We took a basics class at our local hospital that taught us all about swaddling, diapering, and how to calm a fussy baby. We’re looking forward to trying some of the things out (though we hope Josh doesn’t drop the baby while trying to put a diaper on, like he kept doing with the doll, haha)! Laci has also been working on decorating the nursery in a cute Pixar “Up” theme, complete with a wall mural, a My Adventure Book that will eventually become a scrapbook, and even a little birdhouse lifted by balloons. It’s become a relaxing place, and the cat especially loves to sit in there and catch some rays from the big window!

We’ll update you if we hear anything new. In the meantime, we’re hoping to get the news that we want to adopt out there to the world in the hopes that the right birthmom will find us. Please pass along our info if you know of anyone who might be looking to make an adoption plan. Even if we’re not the right fit, our agency is great and has a lot of wonderful programs, scholarships, and counseling to offer.

Here is our link: http://www.lifetimeadoption.com/families/detail.php?ID=646

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