Making travel plans

It was really crazy to be walking through Sams Club the other day and see Christmas decorations starting to be sold. My first thought was “really?!? It’s not even Halloween!” But then my second thought was “oh my gosh, it’s a little bit closer to our Christmas baby!” Yay! I’m excited about that.

I actually took a leap of faith yesterday and purchased our plane tickets out to Florida. Eep! On one hand, it is a big risk, because if C changes her mind, then we can’t refund these tickets, just get a credit for travel some other time that I hope we can use. But on the other hand, at some point you just have to have faith, and I’m trying to do that. Also, tickets are cheaper now than they will be for the rest of the year, and I don’t want to take the chance of buying them last minute when the costs are astronomical and there might not be seats. Everyone travels at the holidays! It was kind of fun taking that big step and really visualizing the trip. It makes it more real, which is exciting and scary at the same time. Our plan is to go up early a few days before the due date, meet C in person and hang out getting to know eachother, and then just wait and see when baby wants to show up. We’re hoping he doesn’t hang in there too long! Then we’ll be in Florida for a week or two while the papers clear between states and we can fly home. I’m going to look for a condo-type rental so we can stretch out and get to know our new little one. The idea of flying with a newborn stresses me out, but I’ve heard they sleep the whole time, so I hope that’s the case! At least it will give me something to focus on other than my anxiety over flying! I’ve watched too many episodes of LOST.

The other big thing that we really need prayers about is some extra legal fees that have suddenly popped up. We didn’t realize that Florida state laws require a Florida lawyer in order to finalize everything over there. This wouldn’t be an issue if it wasn’t for that failed adoption in May…that time, we contracted a lawyer to complete that adoption, and when it fell through, he said the fees would go toward our next one. But since we can’t do anything in CA, we can’t use him. Which means that expense goes out the window, plus we have to find another couple thousand for the new lawyer. I wrote an email to him today, explaining how much we need those funds (begging) and hoping he’d be willing to reimburse us. Please pray that he will! It’s frustrating because last time we matched so close to her due date that those funds weren’t even put to use other than setting up one counseling session, so I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t get it back. Grr.

This process is certainly stressful! At times it feels like we keep getting pounded by negative stuff. But in my heart I know that we were led this way, that this is the road we’re supposed to travel. So we hang in there and try our best to stay positive.

On a happier note, I’m spending the time thinking of boy names (Josh says Batman Picard Morgan is his pick, haha), learning to crochet stuffed animals (they’re a little lumpy and lopsided, but hey, they were made with love!) and even attempting to make cloth diapers.

We’ve also set up a Honeyfund account (yes, I know that’s usually for weddings) to help us reach our goal for the travel costs. It breaks down exactly the amounts we’re looking at for each step of bringing our little one home. So we’d like to ask that instead of Christmas presents this year, you take a look at that page first…we need those items so much more than baby toys and clothes! And our little boy will be the best Christmas present ever.

View our Honeyfund page at:

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One Response to Making travel plans

  1. Rachel Riphagen says:

    I’m learning so much about adoption through what you guys are writing. Thank you so much for sharing. It really means a lot to me.

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