For those of you who would like to help with our adoption journey, here are some options of things you can do:

1) Pray. We can always use your prayers along the way, that we’ll make wise decisions, for the health of our baby and birthmother, and that the process will be smooth.

2) Sign up with OneCause at This is an organization that will donate a portion of purchases you make online (when you’re already shopping at places like Target, Ebay, Amazon, etc) to our adoption fund, as well as the National Adoption Foundation. We also get a percentage back every time you use the search feature in their browser toolbar, which is an easy and free way to contribute. After you register at the site, find the “Dues Crediting” field at the bottom of the online registration screen. You will see a field called “Benefiting.” Enter our registered email address,, and your contributions will automatically begin to benefit us.

3) Attend a free TV show taping with us. We’ve set up a fundraising opportunity with Audiences Unlimited, who will pay our group per person to fill the seats as audience members at tv show tapings. The more people attend with us, the more we get paid! We’ve attended two so far, and they’re a BLAST. Basically, you get to watch a tv show being filmed, and you often get to meet some of the actors as well. Join our email group at: at and watch for updates of when the next taping we’re planning will be.

4) Buy designs and gifts from my Zazzle store. I’ve created some graphic designs that are being featured on products at, so if you’re looking for gifts like mobile phone or ipad covers, tee shirts, hats, office accessories, or wedding invitations, it’s a great place to shop. I get from 10 – 20% of all the proceeds. Use this link.

5) Buy homemade crafts at my Zibbet store. I also have an Zibbet storefront, where you can buy my handmade stuffed animals and Harry Potter wands. Visit it here. {NOTE: this site is still being set up…check back soon to see all the new listings!}

6) Direct customers to Laci Morgan Creations.
Any extra work I can pick up through my freelance business helps! I do mostly illustration, graphic design, animation, and face painting at local events. I even design for other prospective parents, something I love to do and am quite passionate about.

Finally, if you would like to donate directly to our adoption fund, you have a few options:

1) Donate directly using the Paypal “Donate” button to the right, which will put the funds directly into our bank account.

2) Visit our Honeyfund page at: Here we have broken down all the costs we’re still facing to bring our child home. It’s a great alternative to a gift registry!

3) If you’d like the donation to be considered tax-deductible, donate through Lifetime Adoption Center, who we’re working with. They have it set up so that when you make a donation to their organization in our name, they take that exact dollar amount off the price of their fees in our account. This works out well because you get a receipt for tax purposes, and the funds go towards some great things like birthmother outreach and counseling along with helping us out. If you’d like to do this, you would make out a check to Lifetime Adoption Center, and put our name in the notes section, then send it to us so we can get it to our facilitator.

Thank you so much, everyone, for your support!


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